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Plants get their nitrogen from:/ पोंधों को नाइट्रोजन प्राप्त होती है ?

Rain/ वर्षा से
The soil/ मृदा से
The air/ वायु से
Ground water/ भूजल जल से

Correct Answer :The soil/ मृदा से

Which of the following soil is most fertile?/ निम्न में से कौन­सी मृदा सबसे अधिक उपजाऊ होती है ?

Red Yellow soil/ लाल व पीली मृदा
Alluvial soil/ जलोढ़ मृदा
Laterite soil/ लेटराइट मृदा
Mixed soil/ मिश्रित मृदा

Correct Answer :Alluvial soil/ जलोढ़ मृदा

Drip irrigation is not suitable for?

ड्रिप सिंचाई किसके लिए उपयुक्त नहीं है?

Fruit farms


Paddy fields


Correct Answer :

Black colour absorbs heat quickly

Explanation :

Paddy, also called rice paddy, small, level, flooded field used to cultivate rice.

Instrument used to measure the purity of milk is?

दूध की शुद्धता मापने के लिए इस्तेमाल किया गया यत्रं है?





Explanation :

A lactometer is an instrument that is used to check for the purity of milk by measuring its density.
An instrument to find out the content of the water in the milk or to test the richness of the milk is thus termed as 'lactometers'. The lactometer works on the principle of gravity of milk.

Excellent timber producing tree is?

उत्कृष्ट लकड़ी उत्पादन पेड़ है?





Correct Answer :


Explanation :

teak is durable and fire-resistant. It can be easily seasoned and worked. It is among the most valuable timber trees of the world and its use is limited to superior work.

If the pH of a soil sample is 4, which of the following substance can be added to help the growth of plants?

यदि मिट्टी के नमूने का पीएच 4 है, तो पौधों के विकास में मदद के लिए निम्नलिखित पदार्थों में से कौन सा पदार्थ डाला जा सकता है?

Calcium chloride
कैल्शियम क्लोराइड

Calcium oxide
कैल्शियम ऑक्साइड


Organic matter
जैव पदार्थ

Correct Answer :

Calcium oxide

Explanation :

A neutral solution has pH 7; a lower pH means that the solution is acid and a higher pH that it is alkaline.

Calcium oxide, CaO is known as unslated lime, burnt lime and quicklime. It is manufactured by roasting calcitic limestone in a furnace.
It added in the soil for the purpose of reducing soil acidity.

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