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Which of the following is a non volatile memory?

निम्न में से कौन सी नानवालेटाइल मेमोरी है?









Correct Answer :


Explanation :

Read Only Memory: ROM is non-volatile memory, which do not loose their content on failure of power supply.

A ROM is a form of semiconductor memory technology used where the data is written once and then not changed.

Which shortcut key is used to select the entire document in MS Word ?

A) Alt + A/एम एस. वर्ड में पूरे दस्तावेज को चुनने के लिए उपयोग किया जाता है?
B) Shift + A
C) Ctrl + A
D) Enter + A

Correct Answer :Ctrl + A

Which shortcut key is used to close the opened window?

A) Ctrl + F1
B) Alt + F2
C) Ctrl + F4
D) Alt + F4

Correct Answer :Alt + F4

Which shortcut key is used to select an entire column in M S Excel?

A) Ctrl + Enter
B) Ctrl + Space
C) Ctrl + Alt
D) Ctrl + Shift

Correct Answer :Ctrl + Space

Which of the following is not used for computer memory measurement?

A) Nibble
B) Byte
D) Bit

Correct Answer :MIPS

Which one of the following was the first computer network?


Correct Answer :ARPANET

For an internet connection which of the following device is required?

इंटरनेट कनेक्शन के लिए कौन सी डिवाइस उपयोग की जाती है?
A) Mouse/माउस
B) Modem/मोडेम
C) Printer/प्रिंटर
D) Scanner/स्केनर

Correct Answer :Modem

Which of the following are the storage devices?
(I) Hard disk.
(II) Floppy Disk

A) I and II
B) II and III
C) I and III
D) I, II and III

Correct Answer :I, II and III

What is the use of name box in MSExcel?

एम.एस. एक्सल में नेम बाक्स का क्या उपयोग हैं?
A) Displays the Sum
B) Used to type formulas
C) Displays the address of the cell
D) Used to insert rows and columns

Correct Answer :Displays the address of the cell

Which shortcut key is used to delete an entire word, in MSWord?

कौन सा शॉर्टकट MSWord में, एक पूरे शब्द हटाने के लिए प्रयोग किया जाता है?
A) Ctrl + Delete
B) Alt + delete
C) Shift Backspace
D) Ctrl+D

Correct Answer :Ctrl + Delete

In MS Excel _________ is written before writing any formula?

MS Excel में सूत्र लिखने से पहले _________ लिखा जाता है?
A) =
B) >
C) <
D) %

Correct Answer :=

Which protocol is the protocol of the internet?

निम्न मे से कौन सी प्रोटोकाल इंटरनेट प्रोटोकाल है?

Correct Answer :TCP/IP

Bluetooth is an example of which type of network?


Personal Area network


Local Area network


Virtual private network


Wide area Network

Correct Answer :

Personal Area network

Explanation :

Bluetooth is a Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) technology and is used for exchanging data over smaller distances.It enables low-power, short distance wireless networking between phones, computers, and other network devices.

What is the full form of OSI?

ओ. एस. आई. का पूरा नाम क्या हैं?
A) Open system inter connection
B) Operating system interface
C) Optical service implementation
D) Optical Status Identification

Correct Answer :Open system inter connection

Which of the following are the three components of CPU (Central Processing Unit) of a Computer?

A) CU, ALU and Output
B) Output, MU and CU
C) Input, MU and ALU
D) ALU, MU and CU

Correct Answer :ALU, MU and CU

Which of the following is not an input device?

निम्न में से कौन सा इनपुट डिवाइस नहीं हैं?
A) Mouse/माउस
B) Speaker/स्पीकर
C) Microphone /माइक्रोफोन
D) Joystick/जॉयस्टिक

Correct Answer :Speaker

Which of the following electronic devices was used in First generation Computers?

A) Microprocessor
B) Vacuum Tube
C) Transistor
D) Integrated Circuit

Correct Answer :Vacuum Tube

Every NIC (Network Interface Card) has its own _____address that identifies the PC on the network?


Correct Answer :MAC

Which language is directly understood by the computer without translating it?

A) Machine language
B) Hardware language
C) Inter language
D) Soft language

Correct Answer :Machine language

Which of the following can be the extension of MS Word document?

A) .doc
B) .exe
C) .txt
D) .dll

Correct Answer :.doc

MSExcel is an example of ?

A) A word Processor
B) Spread Sheet software
C) Both (a) and (b)
D) Neither (a) nor (b)

Correct Answer :Spread Sheet software

Which is a functional key used to display ‘save as’ box?

सेव एज बॉक्स को प्रदर्शित करने के लिए किस बटन उपयोग किया जाता है?
A) F10
B) F12
C) F9
D) F11

Correct Answer :F12

In MS Excel, by default the number are ___________ Aligned ?

A) Left
B) Right
C) Justified
D) Center

Correct Answer :Right

In M.S. Word, what is the use of “Alt + Shift + d”?

एम एस वर्ड में “Alt + Shift + d” उपयोग क्या है?
A) Inserts a table
B) Inserts date
C) Inserts the logo
D) Inserts picture

Correct Answer :Inserts date

What is of the following network device is used to join two network segments together?

निम्नलिखित नेटवर्क डिवाइस में एक साथ दो नेटवर्क क्षेत्रों में शामिल करने के लिए प्रयोग किया डिवाइस क्या है?
A) Bridge/ब्रिज
B) Repeater /रिपिटर
C) Firewall/फ़ायरवॉल
D) Bus/बस

Correct Answer :Bridge

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