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National Horticulture board is located at/राष्ट्रीय बागवानी बोर्ड उपस्थित है:

Kanpur/ कानपुर
Sirsa / सिरसा
Gurgaon/ गुडगाँव
Dehradun / देहरादून

Correct Answer :Gurgaon/गुडगाँव

Central coffee research institute is located at:/ केंद्रीय कॉफी शोध संस्‍थान कहाँ स्थित है?

Kottayam, Kerala/ कोट्टायम, केरल
Kasargode, Kerala/ कसरगोड़, केरल
Balehonnur, Karnataka/ बलेहोनूर, कर्नाटक
Valparai, Tamilnadu/ वल्पराई, तमिलनाडू

Correct Answer :Balehonnur,Karnataka/ बलेहोनूर, कर्नाटक

India’s 1st Digital flower auction centre is located in:/ भारत का प्रथम डिजटिल फूल नीलामी केंद्र स्थित है:

Hyderabad/ हैदराबाद
Pune/ पुणे
Bengaluru/ बेंगलुरू

Correct Answer :Bengaluru/ बेंगलुरू

The Lodha Committee’s recommendations on reforms are associated with:/ लोढ़ा समिति
की सिफ़ारिशें निम्न में से किस समूह के सुधार से संबंधित हैं?

Hockey India / हॉकी इंडिया
All India Football Federation/ ऑल इंडिया फुटबॉल फेडरेशन
Board of Control for Cricket in India/ बोर्ड कंट्रोल फॉर क्रिकेट इन इंडिया
Sports Authority of India/ भारतीय खेल प्राधिकरण

Correct Answer :Board of Control for Cricket in India/ बोर्ड कंट्रोल फॉर क्रिकेट इन इंडिया

Who among the following is the author of book “1991: How PV Narasimha Rao Made History”?/ निम्न में से कौन “1991: हाऊ पी वी नरसिंह राव मेड हिस्ट्री" के लेखक है?

Sanjaya Baru/ संजय बारू
Ajit Doval/ अजित डोवल
G Parthasarathy/ जी पार्थ सारथी
Shyam Saran/ श्याम सरन

Correct Answer :Sanjaya Baru/ संजय बारू

Which of the following central forces celebrated its raising day on 24 Oct ? / निम्न में
से कौन सा केंद्रीय बल 24 अक्टूबर को अपना स्थापना दिवस मनाती है ?

ITBP/ आईटीबीपी
BSF/ बीएसएफ़
CISF/ सीआईएसएफ़
SSB/ एसएसबी

Correct Answer :ITBP/ आईटीबीपी

Solung festival is associated with which of the following states?/ सोलुंग पर्व निम्न में से किस राज्य
से संबंधित है ?

Himachal Pradesh/हिमाचल प्रदेश
Jharkhand/ झारखंड
Arunachal Pradesh/ अरूणाचल प्रदेश
Chhattisgarh/ छत्तीसगढ़

Correct Answer :Arunachal Pradesh/ अरूणाचल प्रदेश

Subroto Cup is associated with which of the following games?/ सुब्रतो कप निम्न में से किस खेल
से संबंधित है ?

Hockey/ हॉकी
Football/ फुटबॉल
Cricket/ क्रकिेट
Badminton/ बैडमिंटन

Correct Answer :Football/ फुटबॉल

The amended Prohibition of Benami Property Transactions, Act, 1988, will come into effect
from:/ बेनामी संपत्ति लेनदेन निषेध अधिनियम 1988 का संशोधित रुप किस दिनाँक से प्रभाव में आयेगा?

1 November 2016/ 1 नवंबर 2016
1 December 2016/ 1 दिसंबर 2016
1 March 2017/ 1 मई 2017
1 April 2017/ 1 अप्रैल 2017

Correct Answer :1 November 2016/ 1 नवंबर 2016

_____ is the first month of National Calendar of India?


Correct Answer :


On which river is Varanasi situated?


Correct Answer :


"Kuchipudi" dance is of which state of India?

Andhra Pradesh
West Bengal

Correct Answer :

Andhra Pradesh

The famous Fergusson College of Pune was founded under which society?

Deccan Education Society
Theosophical Society of India
British Indian Association
None of the above

Correct Answer :

Deccan Education Society

After leaving the Congress Subhash Chandra Bose formed, his own party, in 1939. What was the name of the party?

Socialist Block
Revolutionary Socialist Block
Forward Block
Socialist Congress Block

Correct Answer :

Forward Block

In India Longest National Highway is ______?

A) NH7
B) NH3
C) NH12
D) NH25

Correct Answer :NH7
Explanation :

National Highway 7 (NH 7) Length: 2,369 km
From Varanasi to Kanyakumari
Route: Varanasi> Jabalpur> Nagpur> Hyderabad> Bangalore> Madurai> Kanyakumari

"Mandi Project" is in which state of India?

Himachal Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh


Correct Answer :

Himachal Pradesh

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Atmospheric pressure at sea level equals ?

General Knowledge of India

Which of the following dance forms was introduced by the great Vaishnava saint and reformer Mahapurusha Sankaradeva ?

Which of the following is the only classical dance of india having links with Muslim culture and represents a unique synthesis of Hindu and Muslim genius in art ?

Time and Distance

Starting from the same point at the same time, Ruhan and Yuvan had to reach the same destination. While Ruhan drove at 45 km/hr, Yuvan was slower by 5 km/hr. If Yuvan arrived at the destination an hour after Ruhan did, the distance covered by each, in Kilometres, was ?

Simple Interest

A sum of money was invested at a certain rate of simple interest for 4 years. Had the sum been invested at a rate 3% higher than the actual rate, the interest earned would have been 720 Rs more. Find the sum initially invested?

Ratio and Proportion

A bag contains red, blue and black balls. The ratio of red to blue balls is 3 : 5. The ratio of black to red balls is 3 : 4. What is the ratio of blue to black balls?

Profit and Loss

Selling a pack of incense sticks for 136 Rs resulted in a loss of 15%. To make a profit of 10%, the selling price should be ?


23% of a bucket full of diluted milk was water. If the quantity of pure milk in the bucket was 15.4 liter, then the capacity of the bucket was ?


The average of the marks obtained by three girls in a test was twice the average of the marks obtained by eight boys in that test. If the total marks obtained by all these examinees was 168, find the average marks each of the girls obtained ?

Pipes and Cistern

44 pipes can fill a large water tank in 27 hours. How many hours it take for 66 pipes to fill four such tanks ?


A natural number, when divided by 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 respectively, leaves corresponding remainder of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. What is the smallest of all such numbers fulfilling the above condition ?


If in a certain code language, PRINT is written as 34825 and TRUE is written as 5479. Then, how will TENURE be written in that language?

Order Sequence

Arrange the given words from smallest to biggest-

Statement and Conclusion

All socks are shoes
Some shoes are black

I. Some shoes are socks.
II. No scoks is black


The difference between the place value of 4 and 2 in the number 833749502 is ?


GIKM : HJLN :: PRTV : .........?

Order Sequence

In a row of girls, Nanda is eighth from the left and Chanda is nineteenth from right. When Nanda and Chanda interchange their positions, Chanda becomes twnty-third form right. How many girls are there in the row?


Summer: Day :: Winter : ........?