Oracle Reports Interview Questions and Answers

What are various types of parameters ?

There are two types of parameters:

• default (system parameters)
• user-created (bind and lexical parameters)

Apart from the global report triggers what are the other triggers used in Oracle Reports?

Other types of triggers :
Validation Triggers-
Validation Triggers are PL/SQL functions that are executed when parameter values are specified on the command line and when you accept the Runtime Parameter Form.

Format Triggers-
Format Triggers are PL/SQL functions executed before the object is formatted. The trigger can be used to dynamically change the formatting attributes of the object.

How do you display a message in reports?
Using SRW.Message
Name some of the procedures in the SRW package ?
SRW.Message, SRW.User_Exit, SRW.Do_Sql, SRW.Run_Report
What is SRW Package?
The Report builder Built in package know as SRW Package (Sql Report Writer) This package extends reports, Control report execution, output message at runtime, Initialize layout fields, Perform DDL statements used to create or Drop temporary table, Call User Exit, to format width of the columns, to page break the column, to set the colors Ex: SRW.DO_SQL, It’s like DDL command, we can create table, views, etc.
What is User Parameters?
Parameter, which is created by user. For to restrict values with where clause in select statement. We can use Lovs in user parameter with static and Dynamic Select Statement.
What is System Parameters?

These are built-in parameters provided by Oracle corporation.
BACKGROUND: Is whether the report should run in the foreground or the background.

COPIES Is the number of report copies that should be made when the report is printed.

DESFORMAT Is the definition of the output devices format (e.g., landscape mode for a printer). This parameter is used when running a report in a character-mode environment, and when sending a bitmap report to a file (e.g. to create PDF or HTML output).

DESNAME Is the name of the output device (e.g., the file name, printers name, mail userid).

DESTYPE Is the type of device to which to send the report output (screen, file, mail, printer, or Screen using PostScript format).

MODE Is whether the report should run in character mode or bitmap.

ORIENTATION Is the print direction for the report (landscape, portrait,default).

PRINTJOB Is whether the Print Job dialog box should appear before the report is run

What are the different types of anchors in Reports?
A There are two types of anchors in Oracle Reports: Implicit (Creates when a report will run) Explicit (Anchors you create)
What is the difference between Bind and Lexical parameter?

1-Bind parameters are used to replace a single value in SQL or PL/SQL, such as a character string, number, or date.
2-Lexical parameters are placeholders for text that you embed in a SELECT statement. Use Lexical reference when you want the parameter to substitute multiple values at runtime. You can use lexical references to replace the clauses appearing after SELECT, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, ORDER BY, HAVING, CONNECT BY, and START WITH.

How can you print one record per page in the output?
You can set the maximum records per page property of the Repeating frame to

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