Oracle SQL Interview Questions and Answers

What is Rowid?
It is a Hexadecimal Representation of a Row in a Table. Rowid can only be Changed if we ‘Enable Row Movement’ on a Partitioned Table. Rowid’s of Deleted Rows can be Reused if Transaction is Committed.
What is the Difference between Translate & Replace?
Translate function converts each character in String with specified one whereas Replace function replaces part of the string in continuity by another sub-string.
What is NVL?
NVL: Null value function converts a null value to a non-null value for the purpose of evaluating an expression.
Operators used in SELECT statements are?
= Equal <> or != Not equal > Greater than < Less than >= Greater than or equal <= Less than or equal BETWEEN Between an inclusive range LIKE Search for a pattern
What is the significance of the & and && operators?
The & operator means that the PL SQL block requires user input for a variable.The && operator means that the value of this variable should be the same as inputted by the user previously for this same variable
Is Sysdate a system variable or a system function?
System Function
What is the difference between a view and a synonym ?
Synonym is just a second name of table used for multiple link of database.View can be created with many tables, and with virtual columns and with conditions.But synonym can be on view.

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