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In a kilometer race, A can beat B by 100 m and B can beat C by 80 m. If A and C run in the same race, by how many meters will A win? 1 किलोमीटर की दौड़ में A, B, को 100 मीटर से हरा सकता हैऔर B, C को 80 मीटर से हरा सकता है,यदि A और C उसी दौड़ मे दौड़ेंगे तो A, C को कितने मीटर से हरायेगा?

172 m

178 m

220 m

200 m

Correct Answer :172 m

Raman covers 1 km in 8 min while suman covers the same distance in 10 min. By what distance does Raman beat Suman ?

150 m
65 m
190 m
200 m

Correct Answer :200 m
Explanation :

Raman covers 1 km in 8 min and suman cover 1 km in 10 min.
If they starts together, then distance covered by suman in 8 min
= (1000/10) x 8 = 800 m
Thus, Raman will beat suman by (1000 - 800 ) m = 200 m

In 1 km race, A beats B by 18 m or 9 s. Find the A' s time over the course.

391 s
591 s
491 s
500 s

Correct Answer :491 s
Explanation :

Clearly, B covers 18 m in 9 s.
B's time over the course = 9/18 x 1000 = 500 s
A' s time over the course = (500 - 9) = 491 s

In a 100 m race A runs at a speed of 5/3 m/s. If A give a start of 4 m to B and still beats him by 12 seconds, what is speed of B?


5/4 m/s


7/5 m/s


4/3 m/s


6/5 m/s

Correct Answer :

4/3 m/s

Explanation :

Let the distance is 100 m and speed of B be x m/s. Then, according to the question
96/x - 100/(5/3) = 12
96/x - 60 = 12
96/x = 72
x = 96/72
x = 4/3

Speed of B is 4/3 m/s.

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